just thought I should tell you that your account is the shit !!! sorry like if that sounds weird but it is :D
- Anonymous

Aw thank you!

July 25th 2014   11 notes  
- Anonymous


July 24th 2014   8 notes  
what shows does he watched and have fun at Stanford update us when you can but focus in school. imagine cam doing a demonstration there
- Anonymous

You mean my brother?  i’m not really sure tbh, but ask him on his blog :) deeluun.tumblr.com 

and of course I’ll keep you guys updated! I hope I get a nice roomate though haha and yeah imagining that would help a lot actually!

July 24th 2014   7 notes  

I forgot to tell you guys but I met Chris Collins (weeklychris) for the second time yesterday, I saw him at the airport with his sister and I took some pictures and videos :) do you guys wanna see them?

July 24th 2014   35 notes  
youre uber pretty and it gets to me
- Anonymous

aw you’re so nice, thank you!

July 24th 2014   2 notes  
Your tumblr is amazing 😩😍😍
- aye-cindyy

thank you! :)

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Hey random question but is your brothers insta @dylanproan? Cause he was in the popular page on my insta but idk if that's a fake or if it's really Dylan
- Anonymous

yes, that’s his insta :)

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Post a Selfie? 💕👌
- l0velycarpenter
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I want that shirt

July 23rd 2014   221 notes  
i used to love LOVE magcon. i was a huge &true fan but now it was all a phase to me. I just wanted to tell you that your account is perfect. ok love you byee☺️❤️
- Anonymous

Well i’m glad that you still enjoy my blog though 😊

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